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Never suffer from Dry Skin Again

What is Skin Hydration:

Seasonal climate has affects on your skin, regardless of age or skin type. A vital part of keeping skin healthy and youthful throughout these changes is “skin hydration”. Hydrating your body from the outside is as important as hydrating your body from the inside.

Dry skin affects us all, and it can be uncomfortable and can create fine lines and wrinkles. Dry skin can be caused by several factors but the symptoms include the following:

  • A feeling of skin tightness after showering, bathing or swimming
  • Skin that feels and looks rough
  • Itchy skin
  • Flaking, scaling or peeling
  • Fine lines or cracks
  • Redness
  • Gray, ashy skin in people with dark skin
  • Deep cracks that may bleed

Dry skin does eventually affect us all.  It can be uncomfortable and could create fine lines or even wrinkles. Symptoms of dry skin include the following:


  • Itchy, flaking, scaling or peeling skin
  • Redness
  • A feeling of tight and rough skin
  • Gray, ashy skin in people with dark skin
  • Deep cracks that may bleed
  • Skin that feels and looks rough
  • Fine lines or cracks

Keep in mind there are some serious dry skin conditions — for example: Ichthyosis, Dermatitis, Xeroderma, Eczema or Dry skin associated with Diabetes. These chronic and severe dry skin problems may require evaluation by a dermatologist.

Dry skin can be caused by various factors:


  • Weather. Your skin dries in winter, when temperatures and humidity levels are low. But the reverse may be true during the summer, where temperatures can soar, but humidity levels remain low.
  • Sun exposure. Sun dries your skin, and its ultraviolet (UV) radiation penetrates far beyond the top layer of skin. The most significant damage occurs deeper, leading to deep wrinkles and loose, sagging skin.
  • Central heating, wood-burning stoves, space heaters and fireplaces all reduce humidity and dry your skin.
  • Medication
  • Medical conditions such as Diabetes, Thyroid Conditions, Chemotherapy treatments, etc.
  • Aging
  • Lack of water consumption (Dehydration)
  • Hot baths and showers.

What makes the Nordic Care products so powerful in hydrating the skin is the exclusive Swedish formulas. Understanding that all types of skin needs to retain and attract moisture, the Nordic Care products have been enhanced with botanical oils, curative vitamins and natural extracts from the Northern European region to optimize the natural skin hydration process.

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More Benefits

All of the Nordic Care products have received incredible feedback from customers around the world.  Nordic Care’s Foot Care Cream has been by far the most popular product for 17 years.


Support from Customers:

Nordic Care receives calls from customers on a daily basis, letting them know how much their products are helping their skin. Listed below are some of the wonderful benefits of Nordic Care.

  • Convenient & easy-to-use packaging
  • Free of Parabens, Lanolins & Phthalates
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Products that deliver what they promise
  • Quality products at affordable prices
  • Appealing for both men & women
  • Suitable for all skin types

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