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Spring is Here! Top 6 Things you should do for Beautiful Soft Feet!

It’s time to get your feet ready for the wedges and sandals. Your feet have been stuck in boots and heavy shoes for months, building up callouses and hard skin. The parts of your feet that have the driest patches are most likely your heels, sides of your feet and your big toe. The best way to soften the skin is to soak your feet in a warm bath using dead sea salt.
Sea Salt Nordic Care

1. Sea Salt

The health benefits of sea salt include good skin care, relief from rheumatoid arthritis, muscle cramps and psoriasis. It is beneficial for exfoliation and an improved electrolytic balance of the body. Sea salt consists of a similar assortment of minerals and natural healing elements as those found on skin cells. This makes it a perfectly natural ingredient to be used for therapeutic treatments and beauty products.

2. Foot Files

After soaking, towel dry your feet and use a foot file or pumice stone to remove all hard and dead skin. If your feet are extra-dry, you may have to repeat this process for a few days to really do the job.

3. Scrubs

To make sure you have removed all dry skin and to prepare the skin for the application of a cream or lotion, massage your feet using a sugar or salt scrub for a few minutes. This will accelerate the blood flow to your feet and get rid of all extra dead skin. Wash off the scrub and towel dry your feet.
Therapeutic Oils

4. Therapeutic Oils

Do you know that the bottoms of our feet contain some of our largest pores, making them a popular and effective area for topical oil application! Nordic Care’s Night-time Foot Oil contains many nutritional, natural oils that will benefit aching muscles, dry skin and callouses. And you use it at night!

5. Nails

If you need to cut your nails, make sure you cut them correctly to avoid ingrown nails and other nasties. Aim to cut the nail flat across, and file down sharp corners. If you cut them rounded, the nail might grow into the sides of the nail bed.
Drink Water Nordic Care

6. Hydrate

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hydration is vital to keeping our skin healthy and young looking. Our skin constantly loses moisture leading to wrinkles and possible xerosis (Severely Dry Skin), so drink water!

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