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Therapeutic Foot Cream NORDICCAREPRO 1

Therapeutic Foot Cream
 – The Nordic Care professional foot cream helps to treat dry and damaged skin by using the body’s natural skin hydrating process. With the therapeutic benefits of Glycerin, Urea and Lactic Acid this cream creates a powerful moisture barrier that works with your skin to prevent water loss. Antiseptic and soothing Eucalyptus and Mint oil provide a fresh, natural scent while Nordic extracts protect the skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin Hand Cream NORDICCAREPRO 1

Vitamin-Enriched Hand Cream – This quick-absorbing emulsion is enriched with natural oils and hydrating Nordic ingredients to help  treat dry and chapped hands. Vitamin A & E improves skin tone and give hands a healthy, younger look. Antioxidants help fight free radical damage on the surface of the skin while Urea and Squalane attract and retain moisture.

Hydrating Body Lotion NORDICCAREPRO 1

Hydrating Body Lotion –  This therapeutic, easily absorbed full body moisturizer nourishes and aids in treating dry skin. With the combination of moisture-binding agents, this formula helps skin stay hydrated and conditioned. Macadamia Oil, with its high antioxidant content, promotes healing and helps maintain healthy skin. Anti-inflammatory properties of Nordic extracts protects the skin from damaging elements.

Nordic Care Original Foot Care Cream
Foot Care Cream
– The Swedish Foot Care Cream is extremely effective in the control of dry skin and cracked heels. It combines the skin’s own natural moisturizer, Urea with the water-binding properties of Lactic Acid and Glycerin to leave skin feeling soft and supple. Excellent for softening and reducing the appearance of calluses and soothing the uncomfortable itch associated with dry skin. Antiseptic and soothing Eucalyptus Oil provides a subtle, natural fragrance. Hypoallergenic and Lanolin-free… Safe for Diabetics. #1 choice to relieve your dry skin and cracked heels.

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Nordic Care Original Hand Cream
Hand Cream – Unique Swedish blend of curative botanicals restores and revitalizes hands. This quick-acting moisturizer contains a marine complex to stimulate production of collagen to increase skin firmness. The water-binding properties of Urea attract and retain moisture to prevent and repair dry, chapped hands. Protective properties of Allantoin shield against damaging elements.

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Foot Oil New Professional

Therapeutic Night-Time Foot Oil –  Using Therapeutic oils like Almond, Aloe Vera and Patchouli it aids in reducing inflammation, killing Fungi and helps provide energy for the growth of healthy skin. The combination of AHA Acids helps loosen hard skin while Coconut, Avocado and Olive Oil with its large contains of Vitamin-E and Phytosterols, moisturizes, softens and protects the skin from damaging environmental elements. Using the antimicrobial benefits of Elderberry makes this product free of synthetic preservatives and no dyes, no phthalates and no artificial fragrances.

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Original Skin Conditioner
Skin Conditioner
 -A light, easily absorbed full body moisturizer nourishes and hydrates dry skin. As one of Nordic Care’s most popular dry skin products, the Skin Conditioner combines Urea and Shea Butter to leave skin feeling soft. Healing properties of Allantoin to repair damaged skin while natural Scandinavian extracts protect, balance and restore skin to a healthy condition.

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Nordic Care Original Mineral Mask
Mineral Mask – A unique blend of hydrating minerals helps the skin maintain moisture and energizes the cell’s metabolism for faster cell renewal. Curative Scandinavian extracts protect against damaging elements. The added benefits of Zinc act as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to aid in healing. The Scandinavian extracts restore the skin to a healthy condition.

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